Admission Process


Applications for admission by an overseas student or an intending overseas must be made using the Application for enrolment. Students must complete the Application for enrolment and send the completed application to Intellect English along with all supporting documents. Only completed Application for enrolment is processed by Intellect English and the application assessed against the selection criteria of the course and information provided in the application. The participants for each course offered by Intellect English will be selected in a manner that reflects access and equity principles. Completion of the Application for enrolment does not imply that Intellect English will make an offer to the student.

Procedure Intellect English will follow the following step by step process, once completed application along with all supporting documents are received either from the applicant directly or from his/her education agent (approved by Intellect English):

  • All the required information is completed on the application form including signature of applicant and date.
  • Assesses the applicant’s previous educational qualification(s) (either obtained in Australia or overseas) necessary for studying at the required level of the proposed qualification.
  • The applicant is also assessed to determine whether they meet the required entry level qualification(s) for the particular qualification in which they wants to enrol.
  • Applicant’s English language skills will be assessed via pre-entry test
  • Details of the student entered into the student management system.
  • Applicant and/or the education will be sent an offer letter and student agreement by generated from student management system

Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer. Once the fee is received by Intellect English along with signed student agreement, the admission officer will:

  • Ensure the student agreement is duly signed and dated by the applicant
  • An Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) is generated from PRISMS and sent to the Student/education agent to facilitate the issuing of a student visa. Applicants must then apply for a student visa at their Australian Student Visa issuing centre and make travel arrangements to Australia once the student visa is granted.
  • Soft copy of the eCOE is saved on Intellect English drive and student management system updated
  • Intellect English will do an internal audit on an ongoing basis for the applications finalised during the week to ensure all applications have required supporting documents and the application form and student agreements are duly signed and dated.
  • Any discrepancies found during the process will be immediately rectified by the Admissions officer

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