Agent Monitoring

Agent Monitoring

Monitoring and Reviewing Performance Intellect English monitors and reviews the performance of its approved agents annually at the expiry of agent agreement or earlier if required through a number of methods:

  • Student Feedback
  • After receiving Information from ASQA or Department of Education and Training
  • In-house analysis of agent performance

Student Feedback

  • Within two weeks of commencement of course at the Intellect English, new students who have come through an Intellect English approved agent are asked to complete the Education Agent Feedback Form, included in student orientation packs. This form provides direct feedback concerning students’ opinions and experiences with their agents.
  • From this feedback Intellect English is able to collate and analyse areas where agents could improve and also provides an assessment of their services and performance on a routine basis.

Reviewing & Renewing Agent Agreements Annually

  • Intellect English will review agents whose agency agreement is due to expire.
  • Intellect English will commence this process prior to Agent Agreement expiry date.

Agents will be divided into 2 groups:

Agents with no further contract will automatically become inactive on Student Management System and the Agent Agreement will not be renewed.

Agents with “Contract Renewed” will be renewed based on:-

  • Number of student enquiries received from the specific agent
  • Number of students enrolments from the agent
  • Number of students dissatisfied with the agents services
  • Performance throughout the year, e.g. proven ability to abide by all regulatory requirements.

Free Consultations

    Corrective and Preventative Actions Corrective and preventative actions must be appropriate to the breach of requirements by the Agent. Where Intellect English becomes aware that, or has reason to believe, the education agent or an employee or subcontractor of the education agent has not complied with the education agent’s responsibilities under standards 4.2 and 4.3 of the National Code 2018, Intellect English will take immediate corrective action. Corrective and preventative actions could include:

    • Cancelling the agent agreement,
    • Correcting incorrect information provided to students,
    • Requiring the Agent to undertake counselling by Intellect English about the Agent’s responsibilities under this agreement, code of conduct under this agreement and requirements under the National Code 2018.

    Agent’s refusing to undertake the required corrective and preventative action will have their agreement cancelled and no pending commission will be paid. Right to Appeal Intellect English supports an agent’s right to appeal for non renewal of agent agreements. Agents must address their appeal in writing with any supporting documentation. The Marketing Manager will review the appeal and conclude if the agent is eligible for probationary extension of agency agreement valid for 3 to 6 months. Renewal of Agreement Agents who satisfy standard requirements will be issued a new agent agreement.